Tomorrow Is Waiting For You

by Disassociation

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The debut EP from Disassociation.


released August 21, 2015

All songs written by Alan Milne and Christopher Vernon.
Produced, Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Christopher Vernon at Perception Studios.
Artwork by Marcos Diaz.



all rights reserved


Disassociation Ascot Vale, Australia

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Track Name: Trying Not To Look Too Closely
Let's look at this logically, let's pretend that it's alright.
But will it ever be okay?
You try to justify your self hate with your flimsy reasoning, and broken thoughts.

You punish yourself for not being everything you wanted to be.
I can't stand by and watch as you refuse to pick yourself up.

Can't you see what you're doing to yourself? You're wasting your life, you're wasting away now.

Well I know how this sounds, it's like I'm just trying to call you out.
Tell me, will this ever be okay?
You should know that I never wanted to watch it come to this.

This is not what you thought, this is not what you've been chasing.
Give me something.
Why can't you take a look at what you're doing? You're killing yourself.

Look around the room, let yourself begin to bloom.
Don't let this chance pass, to turn it all around.

To turn it all around.

Let's get this straight, I never wanted to let it come to this.
But you gave me no choice, you just want to watch it burn.

I can't look.

It starts and stops, it starts and stops, the time is ticking away.
It starts and stops, you start and stop, your time is ticking away.
You start and stop, you start and stop, your life is ticking away.
You throw it out, you throw it out, you throw your life down the drain.

I can't watch what you are doing to yourself.
Well if you're letting this go it's time to watch it all burn.
Track Name: The Disaster That Ends Us All
Falling through the cracks in the earth, going thirty miles an hour and you're still gaining speed.
Dreaming of the choices you made, and wishing you had time to turn it all around.

But time passes by, and the word has come out.
The world's fading fast, it's time to jump ship.
So hold on, and say goodbye to your favorite things.

We still dream of things unheld, still knowing that it will not last.
We still dream of things unlived, still knowing that the choice is ours to make.

So stand up and decide for yourself.

It's all falling, falling through the cracks.
And now we're falling, falling through the cracks.

We still dream, we still dream, of better days.
It's all falling, falling through the cracks, and now we're falling.

We still dream of better days, but when will we wake up?
Track Name: Burning Under The Skin
I can't keep trying to do this on my own.

I always find myself back in this place, stuck in if only's, lost in what if's.
I always burn away my time, hiding from failure, hiding from fear.

I want to chase my dreams but my head gets in the way.

Will you help me fly above everything that I thought that I could be?
Will you help me run? Pressed on by something that's stronger than all of my fears.

We can still fly, if we close our eyes and let go of our fears.
We can still fly, but we're only chasing safety, we're just lost in our doubts.

We can still fly, but we're boarding our windows and locking our doors.
This never gets better unless we stand up and fight. (Stand up, start the revolt!!)

With the wind rushing through your hair, your eyes are in line with the city skyline.
Take a breath, take a step.
People gather below to see where you'll end up.

I can't do this, I wish that I could do this.

Climbing to the edge, looking to the sky.
I can see everything I wanted to be. (I can't do this all on my own!)
Running through dark city streets, I lose my way and fall to the gutter. (I'm so lost without you!)
I am here for a moment before you take me by the arm and pull me up.
Above all the grime, above all the pain, you are everything that I want to be.

Will you fly with me, or am I just doing this alone?

With our eyes to the sun, and our head in the clouds,
we can still fly. (Take a breath, take a step).
we can still fly. (Take a breath, take a step).
we can still fly. (Take a breath, take a step).
we can still fly, take a breath, take a step.
Track Name: The City Streets Are Fading
Can you see the flames as they march across the city skyline, and fade into night?
Do you see the ashes of a million dead aspirations that could have, and would have been?

We are falling too fast, too fast to take a breath, too fast to stop and think about it.
So we just trace the lines of the people who went ahead of us, cos we don't know what else to do.
And we lose ourselves in the process of becoming what we thought we wanted to be.
Cos we're too busy to think about exactly what that is.

So hold on to what it is that makes you human.
Cos we never get another chance, today is all we really have.

Don't let it burn.

Take back your life.
Track Name: The Ocean Is Six Miles Deep
If you could look inside my head, would you like what you saw?
Would you like what stared back at you?
Through those empty spaces where you thought there would be something worth knowing.

I never said that I was up for this kind of responsibility.
But we see ourselves as smaller than we are, and we sell ourselves short.
And we lie down, and let these feelings trample us.

We all hide from something that we're too afraid to let be seen.

I've been staring at these walls for more than a year.
It's not safe here, we have got to leave cos these walls are caving in.
And the water is filling my mouth, I don't know how I will get out.

It always goes the same way.

I'm not afraid of moving forward, I'm afraid that you can't see me.
I can't find you and I don't know this place.

Even without all this weight on your back, it takes all of your energy to find a way out!
(We don't live here now)

I'm hiding from you, and I'm hiding from myself.

We've got crowded rooms and clouded minds.
This feels like more than I can handle.

I'm still shouting, are you listening?
Track Name: This Is Beyond Our Control
Standing on the edge of daybreak.
Trying to stop myself from falling through the cracks.
Holding onto all the dreams that live inside my head.
That will come true one day, we'll be there one day,

If I don't fit your shape, then I don't wanna be here.

So come on, we'll break down these walls.
We'll let go of all the things holding us back.
Come on, we'll break what's normal.
We'll step out into the wonder of the unknown.

Catching the last glimpse of daylight.
Speculating about all the things that we won't do.
But I'm okay if we stay right here forever.
Just as long as we're always trying to break through.

We'll never give it up.

Come on, we'll break down these walls.
We'll let go of all the things holding us back.
Come on, we'll break what's normal.
We'll step out into the wonder of the unknown.

The open door, the candle light, this ballroom gives no room to hide.
We're filling seats, we're filling time between conversation and a smile.
The lights go dim and the chairs give way.
As the piano plays the waltz for all the signs that line the windows of the empty room.
The faces turn and the eyes perk up, then catch and wander 'round the room.
The feet that tap begin to run, the hearts that beat begin to thud.
The chase begins with an outstretched hand, and laughter echoes through the room.
Still softly the piano plays the song that everybody knew.

They sang dance with me, we'll learn the steps together.

We have to keep moving forwards.
Dance with me, we'll learn the steps together.